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Totes Appropes Tote by Amala Groom

Totes Appropes addresses the recent appropriation of Aboriginal culture with Chanel releasing their $1930 boomerang, the 'ultimate' fashion accessory. In appropriating Chanel's font and the Chanel boomerang itself, the artist, plays on words to draw attention to the inequalities that exist in the legal protections for multi national corporations and companies vs First Nations arts and cultures. Wearing this tote continues this conversation in advocating and supporting First Nations cultures to see cultural appropriation banned worldwide. 

Amala Groom is a Wiradjuri conceptual artist whose practice, as the performance of her cultural sovereignty, is informed and driven by First Nations epistemologies, ontologies and methodologies. Her work, a form of passionate activism, presents acute and incisive commentary on contemporary socio-political issues. Groom seeks to create works which proactively and creatively unpack and undermine the Colonial Project, the on-going philosophy of colonialism that has imperialistically subjugated Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples since 1770.

Edition of 100.


  • Image of Totes Appropes Tote by Amala Groom
  • Image of Totes Appropes Tote by Amala Groom