Glass Blowing in Autumn with Mark Eliott 

Experience the magic of blowing and sculpting glass in the flame in this hands-on workshop for beginners and intermediate level students.

This 1 - 2 day introductory course will cover many of the basic techniques used for working clear and coloured borosilicate glass, including sculpting, joining, stretching, blowing, encasement and colour mixing.

You will leave with your own collection of glass objects, as well as all the skills needed to continue creating and experimenting with glass. &nbsp

When: 24 - 25th March 2018
Where: 107 Redfern Street, Redfern
Cost: One day: $270 - 290; Both days: $500 - 550

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- Past -

107 Presents: Screen Print Workshop with Abbey Rich 

107 Presents, in collaboration with 107 Objects, a Screen Print Workshop with Abbey Rich.

Spend three hours hanging out and learn how to screen print. You will be supplied with a tote bag each to print using the stencil you will make in the class.

We'll spend time sketching designs, cutting stencils and printing the design. Abbey will bring along some books and snacks for inspiration and you are encouraged to do the same if you wanna.&nbsp